In the beginning

Next Relocation was founded by Hilde Meyvis. With 15 years experience in human resources, she has worked for several big companies including Akzo Nobel, Total, TNT and KBC Bank, one of Belgium’s largest banks.

Hilde Meyvis began as Personnel and Payroll Manager before graduating to the position of Assistant Human Resources Manager. She was subsequently made responsible for expatriate administration and it was in this role that she gained extensive experience of international human resources.

‘A few years ago I moved, with my family, from Belgium to France. It was the next step and a major challenge for me, in my life. I have therefore experienced personally the difficulties of a move, as well as the adjustments for my family. I know what the resulting administrative burden is like.’

Drawing on her own experience, Hilde Meyvis decided to help and support other expatriates and their families making the ‘Next step’ in their lives.

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