Mobility assistance (MOBILI-PASS®) covers some of the expenses brought about by a change of domicile due to an internal transfer or new job. It takes the form of a grant and/or a loan which is then reimbursed.

We take care of setting up this assistance for you.


  • The distance between the old address and the new address must exceed 70 km
  • At the time of application, the applicant must be employed by a private (non-agricultural) company of more than 10 employees or be the object of an employment protection plan
  • Application to be submitted within six months following employment or change of place of work
  • The employee must become a tenant at his/ her new destination in the six-month period following the date of hiring or change of place of work
  • A given household is entitled to no more than one MOBILI-PASS® mobility assistance per two-year period
  • Household taxable income must be inferior to the maximum income for temporary rental loan entitlement


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